Am I Hungry? Workshop begins January 29

Katie Jeffrey’s first workshop for the NO Diet Approach to Reaching Your Optimal Weight Workshop Series is FREE! “I have been receiving many inquiries about exactly what the program entails and want to give individuals the chance to experience the first workshop with no obligations to see if it is right for them. If you know of someone who you feel would benefit from relearning how to eat instinctively in order to STOP dieting, please share this information with them. It would be my pleasure to guide you or someone you know through the process of relearning to eat instinctively step-by-step!” says Katie.

When she attended the Am I Hungry? retreat last summer with Dr. Michelle May, the founder of the Am I Hungry? program and the mindful eating workshops she will be hosting, Katie witnessed first-hand how influential and beneficial this workshop is for individuals who are looking to end their frustrations with food, eating and exercise whether it has to do with emotional eating, restricting, dieting or overeating. Thirty women learned how to find a healthy balance with eating, food and exercise that works for them.

Her 8 week workshop begins Tuesday, January 29, 6:30pm For detailed information about the workshop, please see below and visit: The first workshop is free!! Contact Katie at 860 917 6131 for more info or to register