High School CPR Project


• Two years ago we proposed to the Region 18 School Superintendent our idea to train the entire graduating class of LOL High School in CPR and the use of the AED, with our ultimate goal being to incorporate that into a graduation requirement for all seniors, year after year.
• Superintendent Ian Neviaser enthusiastically supported the idea and suggested that we speak with the School Board. Time passed and the school year ended. Last year, we re-approached the school administration which was faced with the lack of funds to support the expense, resulting in our plan to try again for the 2013-2014 school year. In September we were finally successful and met with Mary Beth Schreindorfer, Physical Ed Teacher, who along with Coach Bill Rayder, helped us integrate a customized CPR/AED program into the Senior/Junior Class Health Class schedule.
• The program was delivered during three full regular school days in a series of single-period sessions for each Senior and Junior. The scheduling was logistically challenging due to the hours requirements for a course and the limited class periods available but by developing a unique format specifically tailored to the available class blocks we were able to train more than 125 upperclassmen.
• Lyme/Old Lyme High School will be one of the very few schools in the state to have achieved this goal and will send these newly-trained young people into the world with lifesaving skills and the confidence to use them.
• As a result of the resounding success of this project we will continue our work with the School Board and the Administration to try to make CPR/AED training a permanent graduation requirement of LOLHS.

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