Girl in paradeWelcome to our “Lymes”

The Lyme-Old Lyme Chamber of Commerce welcomes you!

My family moved to Old Lyme 23 years ago, and my memories are vivid of a town in which everyone either marches in or watches the annual Memorial Day Parade. Our children grew up visiting the Chocolate Shell on Lyme Street for after school treats at “the sweetest shop on town.” Their favorite birthday gifts were often “impulsive necessities” from The Bowerbird. They spent long, lazy summers crabbing with their friends at White Sand Beach and gathering on the beach (along with everyone else in town) for summer fireworks over Long Island Sound.

In the quarter of a century that has passed, my children have grown (and moved), the Chocolate Shell has a new owner and The Bowerbird (and fireworks) have new locations, but little else has changed in our little corner of the Connecticut shoreline.

Is this because our Lymes are “stuck” in the past? Hardly, although one could argue that we have an enhanced sense of place and time. Here you can meander down a quiet lane or launch your canoe or kayak and glide through the waters of our rivers and lakes. We may tell you to take a hike – but we’ll mean it literally, as we have trails and walking paths to suit even the littlest feet.

You may have read about us in mysteries written by David Handler (Dorset) or novels by summer resident Luanne Rice (Hubbard’s Point and Black Hall). If you have, it may come as no surprise you that Presidents, Governors, and Senators are among those who have made their homes here.

What’s so special about towns that look pretty much the same as they did decades – even a century — ago?

If you listen carefully when you walk our streets, you may hear the voices of the sea captains who once called our shores home. If you look closely, you’ll see what drew world famous artists to our fields and riverbanks. You may smell the paint they used on the “thank you” paintings adorning the paneled walls of their host’s home.

We invite you to make your own memories and discover for yourself what makes us special.

Olwen Logan
President, Lyme-Old Lyme Chamber of Commerce